S E O   D e s i g n   S e r v i c e


Light-Heigel & Associates provides design of residential and commercial on-lot systems*


such as...


In-Ground Systems Elevated Systems all approved DEP Alternate Systems


You Provide

Light-Heigel Provides

  1. A copy of the percolation test and probe results for your property
  2. A plot plan or copy of the deed description showing all property courses and distances
  3. The number of proposed bedrooms in residential dwelling or projected sewage flows for commercial use
  4. A plot plan showing the location of the proposed structure or stakeout of proposed structure on the property
  5. Directions to the property
  6. Address and telephone number of the property owner
  1. Site investigation to review soil-testing placement
  2. Four copies of the design for your local SEO
  3. Stakeout of the designed on-lot system
For more information on this service, please contact us.

*Services are limited to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


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